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It is not only Green Tea but also the detox tea. There are certain ingredients that had been mixed into it that works well on detoxifying body. Normally, detox products are available as capsule or tablets made from extract of those ingredients to make it more effective. Now, our customers will have the benefits of 2 products with in a single use.

Extract Form for Better Efficacy
We have used all the extract form of the ingredients. When you dip the tea bag it doesn’t bring in entire thing into the tea, but when we use the tablet form, the entire tablet is dissolved and so you have 100% availability of the components in the tea. Our Single Green Tea Tablet is equivalent to almost 2 tea bags just because it gets dissolved completely into water and entire its ingredients are available for you.

Extract Form Makes it Tastier
Berry Extract had been used for Sweet & Good Taste without actually adding any sugar into it. We wanted to give our customers good and excellent taste of green tea. Normally, the taste of the green tea is a bit bitter. We therefore decided to go with the extract form by adding lemon extract which makes the taste sweet without use of sugar so that even diabetic person can have it.

Can be taken directly without water like a Toffee (Green Tea on the Go):
You can have it even without water. You can use it like a toffee which will be sweet in taste because of lemon extract. It will give you the similar freshness like a tea even if you have it directly like a toffee. This is not possible to have when it is made in tea bag form. We wanted to come up with a product that you can take on the go. You can’t have the green tea while you are travelling in metro because you need cup and water. In this case, you can have the similar feeling and benefits of a green tea even if you take it like a toffee.

Convenience (Easy to Prepare)
Just put one tablet into 70 ml of hot boiling water and you are done. You can have it while you are at your office desk as well. This is most easy way to prepare it. You can carry it with in your pocket or bag while you are out. No need to throw away the tea bag after use. No chick chik and no jhanjhat. This is the most convenient way to have it. Be it your office desk, metro, or taxi, you can have it and get the similar benefits.

Every day, take one tablet in one cup of hot water or 100 ml normal water or you may consume it as prescribed by your dietician.
Its Contain Natural Ingredients Lemon, Grape Seed extract, Tulsi, Ginger, Black Pepper, Black Salt & Cinnamon.
The freshness of Tulsi blended with exotic lemon extract boosts immunity and rejuvenates your body.
The fruit extract and spices in the tablets have anti-oxidant properties which help cleanse your body, getting rid of all the toxins, thus promoting wellness.
The tablets also help to fight ageing by getting rid of wrinkles .Help in Weight Loss & Reduces stress. 

Who Can take it
Everyone above 5 years of age – both male and female.

Direction of Use
Having it with hot boiling water is definitely more efficient and recommended way to consume it.

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